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Eco Friendly Rhubarb Washing Up Liquid


There is something evocative about the scent of rhubarb, happy smells of the garden and kitchen, crumbles and summer puddings. With an acidity that stops it being too sweet – it is a gorgeous timeless scent.

This biodegradable washing up liquid is tough enough to cut through the grease on your pans, but kind enough not to destroy your hands or the planet.


All you need is a squirt or two in some hot water & you're on your way. For best results we recommend that your sink is nice and clean before you start washing up and the water is really hot. Squirt two pumps under the running water to give you a nice amount of bubbles to clean your dishes with.

Additional Information

Comes in a 470ml frosted amber glass bottle with pump.

< 15%: Anionic surfactants (sodium lauryl ethoxy sulfate). < 5%: Non-ionic surfactants (lauramine/myristamine oxide, PEG-20 sorbitan mono-oleate); amphoteric surfactants (cocoamidopropyl betaine), preservative (phenoxyethanol); fragrance (contains hexyl cinnamal). Also contains: aqua, sodium chloride, glycerine.

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