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Rêve Polynésien (soft oriental) – Eau de Parfum 30ml


Top notes – Cinnamon, mandarin, grapefruit

Heart notes – gardenia, damask rose

Base notes – sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla, Cedarwood, coconut

The world’s finest natural perfumes have been bottled and are on sale now. These two organic certified perfumes have been formulated over 4 years using the rarest natural perfume ingredients in the world and the first perfumes for over 120 years to use the legendary enfleurage technique to extract the flowers.

Take time to imagine a dreamy Pacific island, a serene paradise set amid golden beaches, and turquoise lagoons. Experience the sensual, heady fragrance of tropical blossoms, spicy and woody, yet sweet and warm.

Sensations to embrace with pleasure.

Our Rêve Polynésien perfume is 97.8% organic.

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