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42 - Botanical Shield Essential Oil


Our Botanical Shield helps to cleanse and purify the air around you with our blend of clearing Niaouli, uplifting zest of lemongrass and the calming and protective addition of lavender and thyme to create a natural disinfectant and beautiful air freshener.

Simply diffuse into the air to clean and purify the space around you, or it can be used as a cleanser to sanitise surfaces – both of which work to help support your body’s immune system.

How to use

Place 5-8 drops into your diffuser/vaporiser and help cleanse and clear your room

Inhalation to help clear the head and nose – Adults add 3-5 drops to a bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head and breathe.

Add 2-3 drops to a damp cloth to clean and sanitise surfaces such as your phone, keyboard and kitchen worktops. Can also be added to cleaning products and laundry detergent.

External use only

Keep away from eyes and children.  Store away from heat/sun. Seek advice if pregnant or with medical conditions.

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