Rebecca Tracey FAQ's

Here are some of our frequently asked questions….

Are your products 100% natural?
They absolutely are!  We pride ourselves on using only the finest pure and natural ingredients.  There are never any manmade, synthetic fragances.  Each unique scent is blended and created by hand (with a little help of our noses too!)

Are your products tested on animals?
Definitely not!  Nothing that we use to create our wonderful products and blends will ever be tested on animals.

Are your candles made with natural wax?
Our candles are made with the finest non genetically modified soya wax.  We like to believe that our secret ingredient is our superior wax that comes from an organic soya milk production plant in Europe – not American soya that sadly has issues with GMO.

What can I do if I didn't burn my candle long enough and there is un-melted wax left on the sides?
If your candle didn't get a chance to melt to the edge of your container, all you need to do is gently swirl the container round and round. The melted wax will generate enough heat to gently melt the remaining wax that was left on your glass container.

Are your perfumes natural, and how long do they last compared to commercial fragrances?
We are proud to say that our Eco-Cert certified organic eau de parfum, are a minimum of 96.3% organic.  They are completely natural and free from any synthetic or chemicals, whatsoever.

Their lasting power on the skin is different with every person, but they truly have a life force unto themselves, and continually evolve and change with the individual and over time.

Are your products made in the UK?
Yes!  All of our gorgeous products are handmade here in the UK, apart from our beautiful organic perfumes.  They are created by our chief nose – Nicholas Jennings, in the South of France.  There we have an organic lab that produces our fragrances for us.

Do you sell refills for your diffusers?
We don’t currently sell refills because our diffusers don’t evaporate!  They are made using only pure essential oils and an oil base, so the liquid can remain for months and months!