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11 - Clary Sage, Lime & Star Anise Essential Oil


Clary Sage is often used in treatments for women during transitional periods such as puberty, labour and menopause due to its restorative and balancing effects.  It’s also a wonderful aid to help improve the symptoms of menstruation and menopause, such as cramp, tiredness and mood swings, bringing calm and balance to the body and mind.  Blended with the fresh and cleansing Lime and Star Anise and you have a beautifully rich, harmonizing and uplifting aroma that fills the room.

Additional Information

Dilute to use: 2-5 drops per 10ml carrier oil/product
Vaporise 6-10 drops
10 ml amber dropper top bottles

External use only

Keep away from eyes and children.  Store away from heat/sun.  Seek advice if pregnant or with medical conditions.

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