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Handcrafted Soap Dish - Laurel


Beautiful, unique stoneware soap dishes 


90mm W and 130mm L (approximate)

*All items are individually hand crafted, and may be slightly different to the image

Locally Handcrafted Ceramics by Jenny Bird

Simple. Honest. Purposeful pottery. 

Working from her garden studio on the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon, Jenny makes stoneware pottery with simple forms and subtle glazes that can be used consciously and creatively throughout the home. 

Inspired by those humble objects in our lives that memories become gently wrapped around; the mug used for coffee each morning; the bowl used for nibbles when friends come over; the vase used for flowers picked from the garden each spring.  Whether gifted to yourself or someone else, I hope that these pieces become part of another’s home story; bringing a quiet pleasure to daily life. 

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